Sunday, February 13, 2011

Horse, Tar, Booger

What do these three things have in common? They are nicknames for Heroin.

I did not know this until I attended the She's All That Conference Saturday. Things have changed a lot since I went to high school.

Apparently prescription drug abuse is a big deal now. I attended a session with a panel made up of a mother who lost her 21-year-old ASU senior to an accidental prescription overdose, a Danville police officer, a high school vice principal, an 18-year-old recovering drug addict and her mother, and a counselor at an in-patient treatment center.

It was eye opening, in the same way the books Tweak and Beautiful Boy were. I already knew of the problems with the oft-prescribed ADD medication Adderoll because the Race to Nowhere addressed that.

Chelsea, the recovering 18-year-old, came from a family just like yours and mine. Upper middle class. Parents still married. Younger sibling. And yet she succumbed.

Lest you think this conference was all a downer, it was not. I attended two other sessions with valuable, inspiring content. However, this session has been replaying in my mind ever since.

Eldest Daughter expressed her concern that now "everything will change at home". Everything won't change but some things will. For example, we're now going to take her cell phone away after 9:30p. She also told me that we are more lenient than a lot of other parents. Interesting. We don't think we're lenient. Trust is earned. She does not have a TV or computer in her room. She cannot ride in a car when we do not know the driver. We meet the parents at homes we drop her off at.

Anyone want to compare notes on boundaries?


Tristan said...

I agree with all of those boundaries. I am taking notes so I can use them in the next few years.

It is scary how the world has changed.

Postcards From The Hedge said...

Your boundaries have to work for you. Not your kid, you. What other parents do may be informative but that's not what's driving this bus. And despite what your kids will say when pleading, they won't grow up warped or be a pariah. Stay centered. And informed.

Postcards From The Hedge said...

p.s. that is the best blog title ever.