Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simcha Shoshana

Yesterday was the happy occasion of the Bat Mitzvah of a family friend.

Sharon and Simon, the proud parents and longtime Jewish educators, both grew up on the east coast. Shoshana is their only child and Sharon readily admits that she'd been planning this day since before their daughter was even born.

Sharon and Simon both teach at our synagogue and their community is the local Jewish community. The service was musical. And poignant. And of course Shoshana shined. This event was a true community celebration.

I tell you that they are transported east coasters for one reason: wow factor. Sharon and I have been friends since before we had children and throughout the last year she's been telling me that our two Bat Mitzvahs will be different than all the rest at the synagogue. This scares me on many levels.

One of the things I love at our synagogue is how small and low key it is. At the synagogue Dave and I grew up in, a large temple with gorgeous facilities, three rabbis, and a fabulous education program, there seems to be a very "see and be seen" mentality.

Sharon put together an 18-page, full-color program for the service. (Don't go looking for that at Eldest Daughter's!). Their family came from as far away as Israel. The evening celebration had a Chinese food buffet (brilliant for this crowd!), a Lemon Drop fountain, a dance performance by Shoshana and her secular school friends, and a DJ that kept the kids and adults on their feet. I'm happy to report that my Prada stilettos were still comfortable at the end of the evening. Who would have thunk?

Two weeks from today Eldest Daughter's Bat Mitzvah will be behind us. As she and I departed last night, Sharon, tutor to many B'nai Mitzvot, pulled me aside and said, "She will melt down tomorrow. The pressure and reality will set in." I have no reason to doubt her. She's been right on so far.

Mazel Tov Cohen family!


the barkeep said...

wow! a lemon drop fountain, hope that was for the adults ;)

Tristan said...

I'm giving you and award! Go to my blog for details.