Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mission Pie

I read about this Mission District restaurant on one the food blogs and the description of the Shaker Lemon pie set it pretty high on my list of Must Visits.

The Shaker Lemon pie was not good. Mushy. Curdled. With slices of lemon in it. I suppose it's supposed to be that way but as a lemon lover, I was disappointed. The crust was the only redeeming part. My friend and I also tried the Pear-Raspberry and that was better although not mindblowing. The problem I have with pies in general is that my mother makes the best Apple Pie in the entire universe and everything else falls short.

My goat cheese, spinach and bacon quiche was very good from what I remember of the seven seconds it took me to devour it. My friend's onion and potato galette was quickly consumed, too.

The restaurant is at 24th and Mission, a colorful spot. Bonus points to Mission Pie for having a seasonal menu with organic ingredients borne of sustainable methods.

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