Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ron Morgan and Loot

Jill and I went to see Ron Morgan. Ron is a hilarious, gifted floral designer who just happens to have an antique shop in Lafayette, Loot.

Loot is a gem. Truly. The shop is arranged by color. From the red room I bought a set of Chinese papered stacking tables, the final item we needed to finish off our living room. Of course I only need two of the four tables. Does anyone want the two extra tables? They are quite chic.

The blue room had Chinese blue and white porcelain. Fu Dogs, in chartreuse, lived in the green room. Christmas decorations were everywhere and it wasn't the tacky stuff! Topiaries and more topiaries. Wide floral ribbons in deep colors. Wreaths made of ribbon and wire butterflies. Floral arrangements. Ron's four books. Some furniture. Antique and costume jewelry. I had a hard time limiting myself to just the tables.

Ron has the gift of gab! He told us funny stories, all the while creating unusual floral arrangements. He made it look so easy. My favorite was the one with mushrooms although I'm replicating the pumpkin one for our Thanksgiving table. He points out things that a normal, regular flower admirer wouldn't notice; things like how the use of one color changes the look of other colors. The man, who must be in his 70s, appears to need very little sleep. Maybe he sleeps on planes in between speaking engagements and traveling the world to stock Loot? The loafers he was wearing were definitely not American, and I type that in the most admiring of ways.

I was twelve again. In a good way this time. I was easily the youngest person in the room by ten years (and Jill was the second youngest). It was the garden club gang, a well-heeled, well-coiffed, well-dressed group of women, some who had come from as far as Modesto.

Back to my dreams of pretty things.


Paige said...

Pictures of the tables? Pictures of your Thanksgiving centerpiece please!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I second Paige's comment....Pictures please!