Sunday, November 21, 2010


In my mid 20s I worked for a start-up software company in Pleasanton. Its CEO, the first of a few I have worked closely with in my career, was a charismatic man, a family man, a big thinker with a loyal following.

Although I had not seen Mike in many years, I saw his adult children in and about town, and we have mutual friends.

Sadly, Mike lost his battle with Leukemia and last night was his Celebration of Life, appropriately held at the Blackhawk Auto Museum, where he threw many a party.

I genuinely enjoy occasions like this. They bring back happy memories and also provide a glimpse into aspects of a person that I had not been privy to before. This event brought together captains of industry, former employees who had long-since retired due to his generosity with stock options, and his extended family. His daughter gave the eulogy, which had its pee-in-your-pants hilarious moments. Although I was slightly uncomfortable there, as I noticed that many others were, I was glad I went.

His legacy will live on.

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