Friday, November 5, 2010

Larry's Smoke Dried Tomatoes

The package had an odd odor, which I noticed while removing it from our mailbox.

And then I opened it: it was a package of Boggy Creek Farm smoke dried tomatoes! Along with it was a thoughtful note from Sara Singer and some recipes. I've had a dumb smile on my face ever since.

Sara's one of the friends that we travel to Europe with every other year. She is an accomplished cook and once led us on a mission to find saffron in Tangier (which is not in Europe). Those precious tomatoes are sitting in olive oil now, waiting for me to turn them into something incredible. I'm a little afraid to try them as is; just getting near the package makes my eyes burn.

Boggy Creek Farm is 1.5 hours northeast Austin, and Larry and Anne have been running the farm for the last 29 years. Twenty years ago they started a second farm, this one in Austin proper. Their organic produce is sold there and at their local Whole Foods.

Thank you, Sara!

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Sara said...

You are most welcome & I hope you enjoy them!