Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My newfound love: Mason Jars

Something peculiar has happened: I've developed a fetish for Mason jars.

I bought them in three sizes: quart, pint and half pint. The pint and half pints are wide-mouthed. First I put some sand in the quart-sized ones and added votive candles then lined the steps up to the front door with them. The light over our front door has been out forever and I don't have a ladder tall enough to change the bulb. I must get over that soon as it's getting dark earlier and earlier.

Then I progressed to storing oven roasted tomatoes in them. And grated Parmesan cheese. The real kind from Parma.

Next I put all my makeup brushes in some.

We've used them as glasses.

And the kids took some to organize their Silly Bandz.

In time I will give thought to each of the 527 comments that have appeared on Ree Drummond's post about Mason jars. The above photo is hers.

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Postcards From The Hedge said...

On really hot summer days the quart jars are perfect for gin and tonics...