Sunday, August 15, 2010


We live in a two-story house with a central staircase that connects the two levels. The expansive, curved, two-story wall has been unadorned except for a coat of Dijon mustard colored paint for the last eight years.

I've had many ideas for the space: framed family pictures, a trompe l'oeil family tree or just a forest, a tapestry. But no, I have to do it myself. I'm working on a triptych quilt for the space. Triptych because we have three daughters and each will inherit one segment in due time.

I'm working with my favorite fabrics - saturated batiks. Each 11" square is the same pattern but a different fabric. After the first ten I was bored silly. I forgot to take that into account. I offered Eldest Daughter $3/each to sew them but she shot me down. I'm now 50 something squares in. Blogging seems like a good excuse to leave the sewing machine.

I really want to be done. The other problem is that all my mini masterpieces are on the floor of Eldest Daughter's room. She returns home tomorrow, after two weeks of sleep-away camp. Back to it.

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