Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This is Nancy.

She is one of my colleagues.

I phoned her perhaps six months ago because she did not show for a conference call we were supposed to do together. This was completely uncharacteristic of Nancy. She answered her cell phone and said, "I'm in the doctor's office. I just found out I have breast cancer. Can I call you back?"

In between now and then she had surgery, recovered from it, received a clean bill of health and trained for the Denver Susan G Koman Three Day Walk for the Cure, which she and her posse, The Pink Divas, completed Sunday.

I am proud of her. And I am inspired by her. But more than that I am incited to get you to act. If you are not current on your mammogram, schedule it today and comment that you have done so. If you are current on your mammogram, leave a comment right here and now and let me know you've done it.

You can read more about Nancy's journey here.

Early discovery increases our chances of winning this battle, one none of us wants to see our children fight.

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Sara said...

As you can imagine, I take this very seriously and get my mammogram every spring. I'm glad Nancy is doing well.