Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brown Butter Cookie Company

The other find in Cayucos was the Brown Butter Cookie Company. Although the prices were ridiculous ($1 for a cookie the size of a half dollar), they were quite special.

I stopped by on our way out of town and they were kind enough to open the doors early for me. The day's cookies were still baking but that didn't stop me from buying some prepacked ones and some day old's.

I've been a fan of cookies made with brown butter since I came across this Spoon Cookie recipe.

Their namesake cookie, brown butter with sea salt, is a good: richly packed with the flavor of browned butter. If you are expecting a smooth cookie, the initial impression may not wow you, but stick with it. The cookie is actually gritty with coarse sugar, but it grows on you and becomes a bit addicting.

My next culinary challenge: a batch of chocolate chip cookies made with brown butter.

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