Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Last Airbender

Thing 2 wanted to see this movie. I really did not want to see this movie. However, I promised I'd take her if she was an angel while seeing Eclipse with me and Thing 1. And she was.

We went late yesterday afternoon. She loved it and I sat next to her, reading a book by flashlight.

What does this say about my parenting?!


Paige said...

It says you are brilliant. I cannot sit through a movie with my kids. The ONLY one I've ever taken them to is High school musical 3, and that's cause of zac- Brilliant.

Neeracha T. said...

My kids love the cartoon and can't wait to see this movie - alas, it's not out in Thailand yet. They went to see Despicable Me last week with Sean and are now INSISTING that I go see it with them tonight!