Thursday, May 27, 2010

iPhone Fun!

I discovered a new use for my iPhone on Monday! The kids and I headed to the local retail shopping district and I parked at a meter. Then I set the timer on the phone to ring when there were 10 minutes left before the meter expired. How ingenious was this?!

My guilty iPhone pleasure these days is a game called Words with Friends. It's social Scrabble. The game is played over hours, days or weeks between two iPhones. Users take turns and the application keeps score, as you have to do manually in Scrabble. I am in four games now -- one with Neeracha (although I don't think she knows it -- your username is Neeracha, correct?), one with Amy, one with Abby and one with Wendi, my work friend who was up way past midnight on the east coast doing this last night. This has replaced Wurdle as my favorite iPhone game.

David Lebovitz just released an iPhone app and I have it but it's not one of my go to apps. I guess I could use it in the grocery store if I forget to meal plan. Who I am kidding here?! I don't grocery shop.

What do you like about your iPhone these days?


Neeracha T. said...

I totally don't know that I'm in a supposed game with you - am I losing badly?!

韋于倫成 said...