Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It works, it works!!!

We had a fairly casual gathering of four families here for dinner Saturday night. I made Dorie Greenspan's chicken in a pot, which was easy enough for the 19 of us.

The highlight of the evening, as dumb as it sounds, was one woman telling me that her daughter successfully used one of the Girls Leadership techniques with a classmate. I cannot even put into words how happy I was that my dream for this program is working, one encounter at a time.

Two of the families were not Bay Area natives and the wives spoke of how different California is from the midwest and east coast, where they'd lived previously. I've lived here since college, now more than 20 years, so I'd never given this topic much thought. We have cultural diversity, good weather and good food. What else is there?!

Do Californians share? Are we unfriendly? I know a lot of people who were born and raised here in this suburb, only having left for college, and who have come back to raise their own families. As a mass generalization, those people seem less interested in cultivating new friends as their closest friends are still their childhood friends.

When I had just one child I could never get friends to refer their babysitters. They were a much guarded secret and of course I had my own parents nearby to sit on occasion. Yet mothers of multiples share babysitting resources because there are not very many sitters who can handle twins from birth to age 4. As another mass generalization, I've found mothers of multiples very inclusive, maybe because we are a sorority of sleep-deprived women, at least during the early years?

I will have to give more thought to that. I think I share. I think I'm friendly. I hope we're teaching The Pinks to be that way, too.