Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where are you?

The problem with blogging, and following blogs, is that it becomes addictive. The iPhone app I use most is my blog reader.

I began following Orangette perhaps six months before Molly and her husband opened a restaurant. And then she took a hiatus from blogging. I was okay with that actually. She had been doing a lot of vegetable recipes. However, the post about the food at their wedding is among the best pieces of food journalism I have read. And reread.

Kathy jumped into the mommy blogging circuit bigtime and blogged several times a week until November 10. And then she went dark. Where did you go, Kathy?

Neeracha blogs primarily at the intersection of food and travel. Her blog is only updated when she has a special meal or is on the road. At least I know this upfront.

Kim blogged on her journey to become sugar free. And then she had an unrelated medical issue and stopped.

David Lebovitz blogs frequently, perhaps because his livelihood is tied to it? For that I am grateful. And at least ten pounds heavier.

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