Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Til death do us part

Dave and I have been married 16 years. Over the weekend he came across some pictures from our prenup dinner. There was one of me, Sharon and Cheryl. Cheryl got married the year before us; Sharon got married the year after us. And both have since divorced.

We recently found out that another couple who attended our wedding split up. They were a neat duo, opposites who seemingly found common ground and had a nice life with two kids and a Golden Retriever.

I talked to Neeracha about this last night and her response was, "The US divorce rate is 50% but we're not that demographic."

I'm not sure I agree. I'm not planning on a divorce. If you've met my husband you'd know why. He's truly my better half. But our friends are. Of the 22 houses on our street, 10 are occupied by someone who was previously married to someone else.

My parents are still married. My in-laws were married until my father-in-law passed. And this has set a damn good example.

Still, I'm unsettled today.


Polka Dot Moon said...

I feel as thou we are a minority.

Chris and I just celebrated our 21st Anniversary. While we do have friends that are "still" married, we've noticed an increase (especially this year) in separations and divorce amongst the group.

And the attitude is "no big deal"......it crushes us to hear that and see the families forever changed. Especially when children are involved.

Ron Hutzul said...

As you may be aware, I'm not Nicki's first husband...but from time to time, I remind her that I'm certainly planning on being her last...

While it IS really hard (also being a child of divorce) to see the flippant attitude many take towards divorce, (stemming it seems from the same approach to getting married in the first place) it's actually becoming easier for the kids - which I guess you could call the sliver lining - as friends, new families and extended family members all get more familiar with the concept, (and as a result, do a better job of making things work)

At least if you know the two other couples, you can consider yourself "safe" in that regard...