Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's OVO!

Both of my parents had birthdays this weekend.

We were fortunate to see OVO with them, and with my mother-in-law and her gentleman friend, too. It's currently in San Francisco, in its custom big top adjacent to Pac Bell Park.

This Cirque du Soleil does not disappoint. It's in the Bay Area a few more months. Go!

Ovo means egg. Beautiful, brightly colored insects discover an egg and use it in a roundabout love story. The adults and kids in our group were transfixed. I liked the Diabolo act the best: spools tossed, juggled and spun on a length of twine suspended between two sticks. Most kids have played with the Diabolo, but this is really an art form with the performer juggling up to four spools at a time, seeming to make them come alive. Of course I bought the kids Diabolos in the concession shop. How hard could it possibly be?!

The other mindblowing performance was a trampoline-wall act. A dozen acrobats bounced across the stage on trampolines, then flew back toward the rear of the stage jumping and running up a vertical wall. It seems to defy gravity.

I was sorry that Eldest Daughter was unable to come with us. She spent the weekend performing in a local children's musical theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. If I blog any more about it she'll be mad at me and give me THE LOOK.

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