Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon? Check.

Of course we saw New Moon this weekend. Friday to be exact. The day it opened. After school. With the Pinks and an extra.

The CGI are good. If you're into Taylor Lautner then you'll enjoy this film. It showcases his hard-earned assets much the same way 17 Again showcased Zac Efron's. It follows the book fairly closely and, to cut to the chase, it delivered on the promise.

The scene at our local movie theatre was just that -- a scene! Dave, who is continuing to win awards from his daughters as Father of the Year, drove to the theatre early to ensure we got prime seating. He was first in line and thus we got first choice of seats. Thanks Sweetie! It seemed as if half the middle school was there with us, along with a few moms. The pubescent screams during the movie were deafening at times.

And so the wait begins for Eclipse.


Polka Dot Moon said...

What a wonderful hubby you have!!! We were in the very FRONT row {unfortunately} but LOVED the excitement of being there in the wee hours of the morning!!

And I loved the movie and can't wait til June 2010 for Eclipse :)

Paige said...

Cannot handle the awesomeness of Dad Pink. WOW. He's a star and not at all whipped by the littler pinks. Although my husband has agreed to go after I told him Dave waited in line. Of course it's his fault I haven't seen it yet and all of my friends have!