Friday, October 30, 2009

Penelope Trunk is a freak.

But her blog is an interesting read and she occasionally has a nugget.

For example, she blogged on how to write a blog post people love. You can read it here.

Ms. Trunk writes on the intersection of work and life. One of the things I like about her is that she freely admits that she has limited social skills.

She has an editor for her tweets and blog posts and still they are out there. Here are some examples of her bizarre posts.

High Income Women Get More Oral Sex Maybe

Miscarriage is a Workplace Event

Why Men Should Give Women Flowers

This last post reminds me of my friend Bobby, who once told me that during stressful times at work he wishes he'd made a career of arranging flowers. He'd go to work every day and be surrounded by beautiful things. And then he'll take them, make them even more beautiful and they will go to people and make them happy, too. I think about this from time to time.


Paige said...

Oh, that is good. I'd really like an editor too! I agree with her, except she forgot about pictures. I think a blog needs pictures.

So I always wondered about flower arranging. Can't a beautiful thing just be beautiful? Why do we have to fix it to make it more beautiful? Talk about gilding the lily. Obviously I am not a creative person thus cannot fully appreciate.

Also I've been a bad commenter but am loving your blog!

Paige said...

Loved the miscarriage at work one! Added her to my reader. You always give me the best blogs to follow. And now I'm writing too much in your comments so think we should go to lunch or something.