Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mommy Dearest (almost)

Have you read October's Vanity Fair? Levi Johnston, the Wasilla, Alaska 19-year-old who impregnated former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's teenage daughter, Bristol, tells all. And it's not pretty.

The article is a fun read, whether its content is true or not, or lays somewhere in between. Before I launch into the highlights for you, let's consider the source.

Johnston is a high school dropout whose mother was arrested last year on six felony drug counts. He is currently capitalizing on his 15 minutes of fame by providing this look into his life with the Palins, hoping to turn it into a book, and by modeling and pursuing movie roles (none of which have been inked at the writing of my blog post.)

He tells Vanity Fair:

"The Palin house was much different from what many people expect of a normal family, even before she was nominated for vice president. There wasn’t much parenting in that house. Sarah doesn’t cook, Todd doesn’t cook—the kids would do it all themselves: cook, clean, do the laundry, and get ready for school."

People in glass houses should not throw stones. Normal is a relative term in Alaska anyway.

"When Sarah got home from her office - almost never later than five and sometimes as early as noon - she usually walked in the door, said hello, and disappeared into her bedroom, where she would hang out. Sometimes she'd take an hour-long bath.Other times she sat on the living-room couch in her two-piece pajama set from Walmart watching house shows and wedding shows on TV."

I thought the governor worked quite a bit Juneau, the state capital, a little under 1,000 miles from Wasilla.

"Sarah Palin has said she's a hockey mom and a hunter but that's really not the case. She pays no attention to her kids when the camera is not around. [Palin's oldest son] Track and I grew up playing hockey together, and I only saw her at about 15% of the games. I've never seen her touch a fishing pole. She had a gun in her bedroom and one day she asked me how to shoot it. I asked her what kind of gun it was, and she said she didn't know, because it was in a box under her bed."

Where did he come up with the number 15%? That's quite specific.

He goes on, "She just couldn't believe the free clothes, the free room service, the private jets. ... They did all the shopping for us [at the Republican National Convention] and all our clothes were already there. Sarah would have a new getup every day, sometimes twice a day, all steamed and pressed. She was all smiles and giggles. She loved the lifestyle and that she impressed everybody. The campaign asked for us to give them back after we lost but I still saw some of it around the house after the campaign."

Duh! The only way to get Gucci and Jimmy Choo in Alaska is by getting them from the Lower 48. Nordstrom, the nicest retailer in town, doesn't even carry them.

Johnston goes on to describe the way Palin treats Trig, her Down's Syndrome child, but I can't even go there because I refuse to believe it could be true.

The October issue of VF is a good read, because of or in spite of this article. It also has a good piece on Jackie O and on the Craigslist killer.

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Love love this post. Dying to read the VF. I'll pick it up tomorrow at 5:15!