Monday, August 10, 2009

The movie was better than the book.

How often does that happen?!

I read Julie and Julia when it came out. The concept was cute; the book on the boring side. It's the story of a underachieving twenty-something that cooks her way through Julia Childs' tome and blogs about it.

But I do like food and I do like movies so this past weekend a friend and I escaped the heatwave and headed to our local multiplex. We both should have been working and it was a great diversion. Meryl Streep as Julia Child redeemed herself from Mamma Mia. (Pierce Brosnan may never.) She was fabulous: so joyful, so passionate about everything. You can see why Paul fell in love with her. Meryl's face must have ached after each day's filming. Stanley Tucci as Paul Childs was well cast, too. And who doesn't like a movie set in Paris, especially in the 1950s?!

Amy Adams as Julie Powell was whiny and, well, more whiny. But the acting was good and there were plenty of laughs. Julie becomes obsessed with Julia and her mission, something those of us who have read Twilight can relate to. The movie even touched on something I feel rather strongly about these days: butter. It sounds dumb but I really have developed a thing for butter. I'm particular now. I like European style. Organic and expensive. Even for baking. It's an odd fetish for sure.

Julie and Julia has a happy ending and we left with smiles on our faces.

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