Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On my blogreader

One of the best things about having an iPhone is how convenient it is to keep up with the blogs while you're waiting for your child to get out of dance class, Hebrew, whatever.

My reads are quite varied, and not all appear on my blog roll. Here are a few of my favorites right now:

Groundhog Day with Celia Fae. She has four kids and a husband who works mostly from home. She and her sister Paige cover all the things we're too embarrassed to admit, much less say out loud.

Aubrey, who will marry their brother in a few weeks, also blogs. Her innocence and sweetness are completely endearing. Is she for real?! I'm pretty sure that my next pick is documenting Aubrey and Phil's wedding.

I read Sherman Chu from time to time because his images transport me someplace else. When a plane goes down off the coast of Brazil senselessly killing 228 people I read Sherman and think of happy occasions.

Dad's House chronicles the antics of a divorced, actively dating dad. What do his teenagers think of his posts on Booty Calls. I don't know why I read this except that it's interesting. Even more interesting and out of my realm is ...

I Date White, a blog authored by a divorced black father of two who almost always dates white women. The blog covers interracial dating, interracial relationships, parenting challenges, and other interesting interracial topics. It is very straightforward and well written.

David Lebovitz is by far my favorite. In fact, I just bought his new memoir / cookbook, The Sweet Life in Paris. I used to read Orangette but stopped last month because Molly's last several recipes sounded disgusting. Also, she was posting more and more about her book and the her press tour, and less about food. I did not buy her book.

The other blog I really like these days is Hello, my name is Heather. Heather Bailey is a designer in Arizona and her work is adorable and crafty and girly. You know when you walk into a friend's house and it's incredibly beautiful? You'd never want to live in it because it's too fussy but you can appreciate how sublime it is? This is how I feel when I read Heather Bailey. The two images in this post are Heather Bailey's.

Penelope Trunk is a freak and I read her even though I dislike her. It's like watching a train wreck happen. She is arrogant and self-centered and has limited social skills, which fortunately she is honest about. Her niche is the intersection of work and life. Most of her posts are extreme, including this one, which I advise you to read at your own risk.

Happy reading!


dadshouse said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I gave Penelope Trunk a try, but she's a nut. I couldnt' go back.

I suppose some say that about me. (grin)

Polka Dot Moon said...

I'll have to check these out. Heather Bailey is awesome!

Paige said...

LOVe the reader but the iphone one makes it hard to comment, and then I forget, and then I feel bad becaues what if the post was really good and I didn't comment????
You are kind to include us first. Aubrey is for real. Could she be more opposite than us? obviously Phil just needed a break. You should crash the wedding. It's at Hap Magee and they can't close the park, can they? My girls are wearing off white so maybe you can blend in?

These are all going on my reader. Except the crafty one. I'm afraid of crafty.