Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Dave and I just came back from a weekend in San Diego celebrating our anniversary. The Pinks were with my parents, riding my father's horses and at various sporting events and birthday parties.

Have you ever people watched at an airport? I am simply shocked at what people travel in. Micro mini's with stilettos. Skin tight jeans with six-inch platforms. Am I the only one who likes to be comfortable when flying?! I never wear heels on a plane, even when I've just come from a client meeting. I just like knowing that if I had to evacuate, I'd be able to do so without having to worry about sure footing, too. When I flew to Southeast Asia last summer there were several women in teeny tiny skirts and very high heels. I can kinda sorta accept this on a one-hour flight down the California coast but on a 12 hour overseas flight?! But I digress.

Dave went to college in San Diego so we've spent lots of time there in the 21 (gasp!) years we've been together. This weekend we stayed at the trendy, four-months-new Hotel Se in the Gaslamp district. It was much like a W. Above left is the Se's lobby.

We met up with local friends and had dinner at Crescent Heights, where the food and service were equally impeccable. We found ourselves stumped at dessert so Dave just ordered one of everything for our party of six and we somehow found room in our overstuffed stomachs. The cherry souffle with chocolate sauce was my personal favorite. At right is the lemon tart, which also got raves from our group. Our friends were kind enough to bring fabulous wine, too. It was just a treat to celebrate with people we don't see often enough.

Sunday morning was the Rock & Roll Marathon, which would have been fun to see had we not slept right through all the runners passing in front of our hotel. Oops.

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Polka Dot Moon said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :)