Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad boob

As I type, one of my closest friends is having a knife taken to her chest. I wish it was a boob job. Or a breast reduction. (Typing this makes me wonder why the word "boob" is used for enhancement and "breast" is used for reduction.) She will text or call me later with the news.

I am working very hard today. Really. Except for this ten minute blogging break. It's the best way for me to put this out of my mind until the word comes.

I am uneasy. It's an uncomfortable, I-can't-quite-get-a-full-breath-of-air feeling. I think back to seven summers ago when my first cousin performed brain surgery on a friend's child. It's bad enough when a child you know needs neurosurgery. It's worse when your cousin holds her fate in his hands.

And so I wait. As do her two daughters and husband.

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Amy S. said...

I hope it was good news! Fingers crossed....