Saturday, April 25, 2009

17 Again? No thanks.

I just came home from taking The Pinks plus one to see 17 Again. If you haven't yet seen it in the theater and are a Zac Efron fan, I suggest Netflix. The kids liked it and I did not.

I thought twice about taking the littlest Pinks to see a PG-13 movie but they have seen Twilight several times and are just fine. I won't be doing that again. Twilight is PG-13 for violence and we're really clear that vampires are make believe. 17 Again has a lot of sexual innuendos and things I just don't want the kids exposed to yet, things like house parties and underage drinking. The best part of the movie came in the beginning when the main character, played by Cougar-Eye-Candy Efron, dances with the cheerleaders. It was all downhill from there. Incidentally, Kim had the best description of Efron in the movie I've heard thus far: he makes the most of what G/d and his personal trainer have given him. Frankly, neither he nor Rob Pattinson do it for me.

Today was much more social than I'd anticipated. Maybe that's why I'm wiped out? Dave gets his energy from other people; he thrives from being around others and in social settings. I'm the opposite. As much as I enjoy it, it drains me. I need a fair amount of alone time to equalize. But today was filled with happy social surprises: I ran into a dance team mommy at softball and we blabbed nonstop for an hour. Then I met a client for coffee. After that was dance pictures, where I ran into more dance team mommies, people I used to spend many weekends a year with. It was great to catch up with them all and I even convinced one to come to the movies with us tonight.

This weekend continues with its frantic pace of softball pictures, the A's game and Hebrew. I think it's best that way, actually. On Tuesday Dave leaves for a week-long boys' trip, which I'm dreading even though I brokered it. More on that soon.

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