Friday, January 9, 2009


Vampires really aren't my thing. The sight of blood makes me queasy and frankly, I'm not into fantasy unless it involves Dave or milk chocolate. But I am into pop culture. And so along came Twilight.

Eldest Daughter read the book and was dying to see the movie. I took her and a friend. I thought the movie just okay. It was a little violent and frankly, had she not read the book, I wouldn't have subjected her to that amount of blood onscreen. Of course she loved it.

I tried to resist reading the book but was lured in, much the way a vampire lures in its prey. I felt sick to my stomach while reading it but I couldn't put it down either. So now I'm part of the cult, reluctantly. It's hard to explain the pull of this book. Perhaps it's because it has managed to create amazing sexual energy and tension between two people who barely touch?!

Eldest Daughter is reading the second one now. Wish me luck resisting.

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Kathy B! said...

I just finished the first as well. I can't believe I read that thing, and yet I'm off to Target to buy #2. It really is inexplicable.