Tuesday, October 21, 2008

High Brow

I'm worn out. I'm working like a nut. Our weekends are insane with soccer, basketball and religious school, and the social activities of season. And now I have a cold.

I'd also be remiss if I did not mention that the current state of my hair is adding to my stress level. In case you're wondering, my hair is now brown with garish, unintentional, asymetrical orange streaks. I'm sure the oh-so-fabulous provider of the $360 plus tip highlights did not mean for it to turn out that way. However it did after I washed it at Tahoe, using the kids' shampoo we had in the shower and not the special shampoo for colored hair that I have down here. I'm wearing a lot of hats until my next appointment (at a different salon) in three weeks.

But back to the brows. About this time last year Julie and Shanta introduced me to the most fabulous thing, heaven for busy women: The Benefit Brow Bar.

It's drop-in access to an aesthetician. Brow Bars are located in Macy's, and you just stop by, add your name to the list, then continue with your shopping until it's your turn.

I went yesterday, in between dropping Eldest Daughter at Hebrew and a volunteer commitment, and felt so much better afterwards. It's a little weird having your waxing done in the cosmetics department, where the whole world can watch but hey, after the indignation of childbirth, this is cake.

I'm still sick but at least I look a little better. And I feel a little better, too.

As an aside, the mall crowd seemed unphased by the current economic news. I was shocked to see how many people were out in full force, loaded down with bags of the latest fall fashions and waving their credit cards this way and that. Maybe I live in the wrong zip code?

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