Saturday, August 2, 2008


I could not keep my eyes open past 7:30p last night. It might have been the massage I had at 4p but more likely it was the time change and lack of sleep catching up with me. I did manage to discover that the TV here has an extensive selection of cable channels, including Discovery Channel and some channel where I watched Martha Stewart. 

Of course I woke up quite early this morning and decided to do the right thing -- go to the gym. I'm still in a fog, as was evidenced the amount of time it took me to turn the treadmill on. The controls and numbers were all screwed up on the first one I got on so I gave up after a few minutes and walked out to the pool to call the family. After my nice chat with them I tried a different treadmill. That's when it hit me -- it's metric. Once I converted, I was fine. And then I watched a nice show on Chinese Olympic hopefuls on CNN.

I hope to be a little faster on the uptake today.

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