Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm on Facebook now. And I need your help. I didn't need a Facebook account. I don't need more thing to do. To check. To upload things to.

But my colleagues kept after me to set one up so I finally did. Wow! There's a lot to it. Kim likes to throw sheep. Wendy invited me to do something green. Fletch got on me to upload a picture. (I just did this, Fletch.)

Here's the thing. In business I am very professional. I'm so formal in my diction that people ask me if I'm from the East Coast. The whole Alaskan Jew thing throws them. But on Facebook I found this subculture of professional people that I know -- and they are very casual. I wish I'd been on sooner. How else would I have known that one gal I worked with also knits, likes the same three TV shows that I do and studied Russian literature, too?

Here's the question: how exactly do you use Facebook???


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found u thru Paige (who's my "friend" in real life AND on FB!) I got a chuckle out of ur post. FB is evilicious: A combination of being addicting while completely time-sucking!

Anonymous said...

oh, but to answer ur question, I've enjoyed reconnecting with some old colleagues and high school friends. And, um, I like the games. : )

Thom Singer said...


I find that you cannot be formal on Facebook. Thus you need to mix the formal business Leslie with the fun casual Leslie. Just let it happen.

I do not add and download all the applications and widgets (sheep, flair, maps, etc ...). My profile is formal and business like, but I will go and post fun things on people's walls.

Do not feel obligated by things others do on Facebook. Use it how you are comfortable using it. It is a good idea to read the profile pages of those you see as peers, as it will let you explore different ways to present yourself.

FYI, Sara just got on Facebook too. Send her a friend request!

Amy S. said...

I have never used it. I just went on to MySpace for the first time the other day to check it out. I watch YouTube when someone sends me a funny link. I have a feeling I need to go on Facebook when the girls go back to school. Good news - by then you will be able to teach me!