Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Care to comment?

At the end of last summer my friend Kathy up and moved to North Carolina. While this wasn’t a huge surprise because of her husband’s work, it was upsetting because our daughters are the same age, her husband got along with mine, and she is pee-in-your-pants funny. I miss her.

Right before she left I suggested that she start a blog so it’d be easier for her to keep the interested masses up-to-date on their new life. She nodded politely, told me that it was a great idea, and then waited 11 months to do it. I forgive you, Kathy.

She’s a mother-of-twins, too, and life in North Carolina is very different than the life she left behind in our fair suburb. Her observations are hilarious and I’m grateful for a glimpse into a world I’d never otherwise know.

The two of us are wondering, though, why more people don’t leave comments on our blogs? Paige’s readers have this down. Thom’s readers know the drill. David Lebovitz’ practically leave novellas. Kathy had an astute observation – she knows people read her blog because they send her email on it. But why not just use the comments feature in the blogging software? It’s my theory that only bloggers comment because they’re familiar with the way it works.

So here’s your open invitation and offer of the proverbial penny for your thoughts – feel free to use comment on our posts within the blog. We care about what you think!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I agree with you Leslie. I think lots of people enjoy reading posts, but they either don't know how to comment; don't know what to say or maybe don't feel like what they have to say is important.....

Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog and try to comment on each post I read :)

Have a great evening -

Neeracha T. said...

Well half of the comments on my blog are weird spammy ones, so I have to say that I'm not as enamored of receiving comments as you do. Although I was impressed when the Nut Tree's PR person left me a comment to my blog about my visit there and offering me a free pass, so maybe there's an upside after all!

Thom Singer said...

I find that people comment more often on posts about things that are controversial. They either passionately agree --- or disagree....and cannot help themselves to leave a comment.

Kathy B! said...

I miss you too, Leslie!

I prefer your more direct request for comments over my passive aggressive ploy in the email! I got three emails just this morning from my blue haired biddies (as you so aptly coined them). There is no hope for me. I am doomed to a life of answering emails from the retirement community!

Paige said...

I've found the best way to get comments is to comment on others. And be diligent about it. It's ok to poach other reader (commenters) you like,too. The more new people you comment on, the more you get. But it's a job. I'm pretty static in my comments because I haven't been seeking out new people at all- just sticking with the same ones. Comments are fun, but eventually it's just enough to know people are reading. For this reason, make sure you have statcounter! It's free.

Also, facebook is just fun to keep in touch with/find people who you want to know about but don't have a blog. as you know, blogging only attracts certain crazy types.

Also get rid of word verification in your comments section. Annoying.