Friday, July 18, 2008

Mamma Mia!

If I'm blogging at 10:45p, it's gotta be good!

Dave and I just came back from seeing Mamma Mia. We're movie junkies. But since the pinks came along we haven't seen as many movies in the theaters as we have in years past. Let's put it this way: we're one of Netflix' oldest customers. As he said last night, "I was nine the last time I saw a movie on the day it opened. It was Lady and the Tramp."

But I just had to see this movie. And I had to see it today. I loved the Broadway version. I can sing the soundtrack backwards and forwards. In fact, I ran a good portion of a 10K to it a few years back. We went with our friends Lisa and Scott, who we saw the stage version with. As a bonus, their daughter was conveniently available to sit the pinks. Scott's really an 80s music aficionado but he indulged us tonight.

And the movie? Very entertaining. Campy. Easily a 15:1 ratio of females to males in the theater. Who knew that Meryl Streep could sing? For the record: Pierce Brosnan cannot. It's bad. Really bad. So bad that when he began to sing, the audience erupted in laughter. I wonder who made the decision not to dub him. Although I am a Pierce Brosnan fan -- I like James Bond as much as the next person -- I could have lived without the scene where he takes off his shirt. Let's just say that he leaves no doubt that we're descendants of apes. The choreography was clever and the cinematography was good, except for a few nausea-inducing scenes. There were many well-delivered lines and some great acting, especially by Christine Baranski.

When it comes right down to it, can you shoot an ugly movie in Greece? The first scene is set against the turquoise water you see in the above picture and it just gets better from there. Dave and I have been to Greece and now I'm even more anxious to get back there.

Like the musical, it was just a fun, feel good story. A great start to our weekend. Go!

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