Saturday, July 5, 2008

Alex strikes again

My next door neighbor had a date with Alex this week. "K" is seven months pregnant and she's one of those women you just want to hate because she's "cute" pregnant, not "blimp" pregnant. But you can't hate her because she's really nice. And her kids and husband are nice, too.

So yes, they're good next door neighbors. The funny thing is, the people who lived in the house before them were nice, too. It was the ultimate nice departing gesture on their part -- selling the house to equally nice neighbors.

But I digress. So K visited Alex today and went one step further. She had highlights done by a colorist at the salon. They're a smidge edgy, and a shade lighter than she's done in the past. I like them. They make her blue eyes pop. The cut is good; she looks like herself only more so. Does that make sense?

We'll see how her family and friends like them next week when they go "home" one last time before Baby #3 arrives.

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