Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ode to Alex

Once upon a time I was young and hip and lived in the city. I went out with my friends every night and worked at a cool magazine publishing job making barely enough to pay the bills. Life was good. During this time I discovered the Yosh Salon on Maiden Lane. And for five or so years I got great haircuts there. Every one was better than the next no matter which stylist I went to. I looked goooood! Eventually I stopped working and living in the city and got my tresses tamed elsewhere.

Some time after that Yosh retired and sold to Gina Khan, who took over his fabulous salon and managed to keep it that way.

Fast forward to March 2005. I'm now a suburban mother of three and in the city for a client meeting. My hair's looking a little less than chic these days and my meeting breaks early. So I head to the Gina Khan Salon and ask if anyone has a cancellation. Sure enough, a stylist has a no show and Alex gives me an amazing cut. I'm screwed. I now live 40 miles from the city and this cut is such a work of art that I'll be stuck going back into the city to get cuts again.

Six weeks later I call for an appointment. Alex has taken a leave of absence. I'm sad. I have my hair cut elsewhere. Three months later I call again. Still out. Three more months go by and I phone again. No Alex. I give up.

It's now 2008. Gina Khan opens a second salon 15 minutes from my house. I phone for an appointment and surprisingly, I've remained in their computer system. The reservationist says the words that make my day, possibly my month: You had Alex last time. Did you want him again?

Yes, I'm back with Alex. If you go, tell him that I referred you.

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